The journey back to Iris Zimpeto has began!

Bridge to Maputo, Mozambique

Taking the costal route of 1247 km, I will arrive at the centre tomorrow afternoon, Monday the 16th!

I can almost feel the emotions of driving through the centre gates, knowing it’ll be home again. Oh, to hear the children’s voices and see their smiles of welcome! They do not know I’m returning, and so it will be a wonderful surprise! I am literally bubbling with anticipation for what God has in store.

Firstly, thank you for your prayers and support through this preparation phase. You have been such a blessing in my life! I’m honoured that you want to be a part of this journey, and hope you are blessed with joy and encouragement as you read what God does.

The last week of final preparation flew by, but there is one thing I’d love to share with you. Its another beautiful testament of God’s divine guidance and love for those who are suffering.

On Thursday night, I joined a small group of believers who are affiliated with Iris Ministries to pray for people at Frere Hospital. Its a large, provincial, government funded hospital in East London.

Back in July, when I was planning on moving to East London, I felt the Lord nudging me to see what He was doing in Global Mercy Missions. Its a non- profit organization that I had heard was affiliated with Iris Ministries.

I never contacted them and as my time in East London was coming to and end, I asked the Lord if I should still pursue joining them for an outreach. Feeling no specific leading, I just left it at that. Then, last Sunday night I went to a Shofar church evening service. Here I happened to meet Yonela, a woman who helps lead the Thursday night Hospital Ministry with Global Mercy Missions. Only God!

Nothing is too late for God. Last minute appointments and interventions seem to bring Him the most glory.

My second last night in East London, we stood outside the hospital in a small prayer circle, trusting God to lead us to the specific ward and specific people He wanted to touch. This is exactly what He did.

We ended up in the ward of ear, nose and throat surgery. Seeing people being fed through tubes, coughing mucus out of pipes in their throats and the expression of pain on their faces can be uncomfortable. But seeing their expressions change as they were instantly pain free, or miraculously healed is one of the most incredible experiences. We would go into a room where people are distressed, fearful, discouraged and in pain. After prayer, words of knowledge and encouragement, we would leave the room with people smiling from the realization that they are not alone. I can’t describe how privileged I felt being able to hug a stranger as she cried out her fears and doubts, and received love and hope instead.

This experience just made me even more excited to get back to the people of Mozambique and be a part of the missionary team again. All my free thoughts have been prayers for the Lord’s direction and divine intervention in every single aspect of this new season He is leading me into. It’s coming with some challenges, but I know its going to be amazing!

As soon as I’m settled in and have a routine, I’ll be writing agin. Until then, thank you for your love, support and prayers. I truly appreciate you!

I’ve also added a donate and a contact page to my site. Please feel free to share the site with whomever you feel lead!

Lots of love,


2 thoughts on “To MOZAMBIQUE!!!

  1. YAY!!! Celebrating with you, Jezreel❤️ I love how Holy Spirit led your last few days in East London and, of course, how you continually listen and respond to Him. HUGS!!


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